How liberating it is to Travel on your own

As a Travel Advisor, I have learned to be able to travel on my own, well not entirely on my own but 9 times out of 10, I don't know who I am travelling with for work.

Heading away on work trips is a massive bonus and one that I never take for granted. Being able to travel overseas and experience some of the most amazing destinations in order to widen my destination knowledge is something that I love doing, and when I am not doing it, I crave it!!!

Its hard to give one destination that is my favourite because a lot of the places I have been lucky enough visit, all hold a special place for their own reasons. Travelling halfway around the world on your own might seem scary at first, but I can honestly say, its the most liberating feeling. Your doing this on your own, you don't have anyone to rely on, except if you step out of your comfort zone and ask for help.
Its daunting heading to a new country, you know nothing about that particular airport, your scared to miss that transfer, your not sure which train to jump on, your scared your going to miss your connecting flight and be left at the airport all alone. The thoughts running through your mind are endless when your on your own, trust me I know! But you cannot let your overthinking and anxiety overtake the pure joy and resilience that can come out of doing this by yourself.
I always say to my clients, if you do one thing in your lifetime, Travel, and by mean travel I mean travel to a destination out of Australia, on your own for atleast 1 week. I promise you will come back with a new found love of travel, a confidence to explore on your own and be content to travel on your own.

You soon get used to being on your own, you get used to asking strangers for help, you get used to eating breakfast and dinner on your own, you get used to making small talk with the person sitting very close to you and you get used to doing tours and seeing the sites on your own. It is a big wide world and it is damn Scary, but trust me, the feeling of doing an adventure on your own will make you want to do it again in a heart beat.
If there is anyway I can help you make that leap, be sure to let me know.