Travelling as a Family

As a mum, a Travel Advisor and someone who has travelled as a family, on my own and also as a solo parent, I know how it can get difficult at times.

If I can give one piece of advise to somehow help a family, either their first time travelling together or to make the travelling that little bit easier, It would be "Be Prepared"!!!
Do your research and pre book tours/sightseeing/itineraries together in advance.

The number one thing that can ruin a family getaway is being unprepared.
Whether that's for self drive adventure - 90% of the time this will end in tears if you haven't done your research on where you need to get to, when you want to go and how long its going to take to get there.

Booking Day Tours.
ts best to have an idea at least on what tours you all want to do in advance instead of getting to the morning of, no one agrees on a tour, you miss the departure time because you have all been arguing and then wander around aimlessly wandering what to do next.

Check your itinerary constantly if you have a on the go holiday.
Be sure to check your itinerary constantly. Flight time changes can occur at any given moment, which means delays or missed connections that could have been avoided.
Reconfirm tours that you have pre booked, most tours pre booked require 24 hour re-confirmation call to the tour company.
Sit down together, work out what everyone wants to see and do, it all works out better if your all involved as a family. It is a family adventure so everyone should be involved to ensure everyone enjoys the adventure, god knows travelling as a family is not cheap, and no one wants to feel like they have wasted money on a holiday no one enjoyed.

 Allocate a budget per day.
Travelling as a family and spending money left, right and centre can be avoided.
Allocate a budget per day to spend, this would include food, drinks and purchases. Allocate a budget per child on purchases for the entire holiday, once they spend their quota, that's it. Its a good learning curve for kids to understand currency, spending and how expensive family travel CAN be if your not watching your budget.


Packing and Medication:
Be sure to have spare clothes in their carry on luggage for every child. Accidents happen, luggage gets lost, and generally its at the worst time. Avoid the embarassment, dissapointment and hassle and have a spare pair of clothing for EVERYONE!
Sometimes you just never know how your child is going to travel. Even the best little travellers have bad days, whether thats on a plane, train, bus, car or boat. Sea Sickness, motion sickness and turbulance and affect even the best travellers. Be sure to have the right medication that needs to be taken onboard where possible (motion sickness tablets, Epipens, Asthma puffer, Insulin etc).
Oh and dont forget Injections where required for particular coutries.


Most of the time when planning a family holiday, you book atleast a few months in advance, so do yourself and your family a favour and be prepared as much as possible.
There is so many amazing memories to be made all around the world. Make your next adventure count!