Wandering Warrior Essential Oils Travel Kit

  • This specifically formulated product designed at travelling families is suited for children 3 years and above comprises of 3 essential Roll on oils
    These include, Relax, Rest and Restore
  • This product comes in a beautiful travel tube enclosing the 3 essential oils, plus the Therapy Cards and Sound Therapy.
  • Travel with your little ones with ease knowing you have this high quality product you can rely on


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Relax - Ease your stress and start to prepare before your flight by using this Relax Aromatherapy Oil a day before your intended travel.
Apply to your pulse points, or roll on to a piece of cloth and inhale the scent often.
Aim to utilise and connect all your senses.
Start allowing a feeling of readiness, a rhythm from within so to speak; this will help pre stepping into the mayhem of anxiety and overwhelm travel can often bring.

Rest - Will enhance your Sleep, try putting on headphones after applying your Rest Roller Essential Oil and tune into the relaxing music you downloaded from the Warrior Queen playlist on Spotify... it will be sure to help you drift into a state of deep relaxation.
You'll need it when you arrive at your destination...you have much to do.

Rise - Engage your senses... Once you've arrived at your destination use Rise Roller Essential Oil to revive your senses, wake them up.
You may start to feel a little anxious, but the soothing scent will help keep you focused.
Use the sense of touch and site try to create an image of what you'll be doing that's pleasurable, fun...or write a list of what you need to do on your arrival... start to give the brain a task to do.
Stay focused and smile just by moving the muscles on your face in an upward motion it will signal the brain you are happy, and your body will accept the chemical of feel-good released for that action and the thought of happiness brings.

Happy Travels.